Musings of a Slightly Maddened Mother.

Proud to have my essay: I WILL ALWAYS BE HER MOTHER up at The Tribe Magazine today.

This was the very first piece I ever submitted. Of course it was rejected, but I sent it out again, along with another essay to MOTHERS ALWAYS WRITE, @motherswalways, an incredible organization filled with an entire community of brilliant mother-writers. (Thank you Julianne and Michelle for believing in me.) Unfortunately, it was rejected again, but my other piece was accepted for publication. I took heart from that single acceptance, and continued writing.

I’ve been fortunate to have found homes for many of my other words since then.

A few months after I first sent this out, I received notice that it had placed 6th in Writers Digest Annual competition. I’d forgotten I’d even entered it. A very welcome surprise indeed.

Buoyed by these successes, last fall I decided to send this piece out one more time. And, it was rejected yet again. I decided at that point that it was not meant for publication.

But then, just a month ago, I was searching through my inventory of essays, and stumbled up this story. I decided to polish it up and sent it out into the world, one last time.

To my delight and surprise, it was accepted by the wonderful editors of The Tribe Magazine and was published today.

Moral of this story—literally of this story—never give up folks. You just never know when your words are going to find a home.