April 08, 2018 #tryalittletenderness


Today is April 08, over a month since I last shared something. But, fear not, I have not given up on this quest of mine, to be thankful for the multitude of blessings that come my way on a daily basis, and which sometimes get overlooked during the course of a busy life.

Instead of trying to write daily, and possibly annoy everyone in the process, I’ve decided to collect these blessings for a few weeks, and share them in a single post.

March was a wonderful  month indeed, filled with a myriad of marvellous events. I will list a few here, although there are so many other tiny wonders it would be far too time consuming to mention them all.

Thanks to two of my good writing friends, I discovered a fantastic editor, Suzy Vitello, who was offering an phenomenal special, 50 pages edited for 50$. I gladly jumped on this opportunity, and was thrilled with the insights Suzy offered. I can highly recommend Suzy’s service for anyone struggling with an opening, a middle, or an ending, or just to discuss their story. Check her out at: http://suzyvitello.com

Then, I had the honour of having a flash piece of mine make the long list for Pulp Literatures’ Bumblebee Flash fiction contest. This was exciting for me, because after I had paid my submission fees, I discovered the word count limit was not the 1000 words I’d thought, (as was the story I’d planned to submit) but 750 words or under. Which led to the trimming of 250 words off an already short story. The fact the story made the long list was reward enough for me, (and which made me grateful once more for the talented Richard Thomas, whose Flash Fiction class gave me the skills required to perform that pruning.)

You can find Richard at: https://whatdoesnotkillme.com and on Litreactor where he teaches a variety of classes. https://litreactor.com

Later, I received notice that a story I’d submitted to Pulp Literature back in November had been pulled for a second reading. Counting this as a win, whether or not the story makes it any farther in the selection process. After all, one must take one’s victories as they come.

My background work picked up during the end of the month, with calls to three different shows, THE MISSION, A MILLION LITTLE PIECES, and SALVATION, the latter may or may not have me quite visibly on camera. (Not entirely sure this is a good thing. lol)

I spent two and a half glorious days at the amazing Loon Lake Lodge, deep in the UBC research forest, with a group of wonderful local writers. Heavenly to spend uninterrupted time writing and talking about writing with like minded individuals.

I finished off the month by finding out that my submission for THE NEW YORK CITY MIDNIGHT SHORT STORY CHALLENGE, came in 1st in it’s heat, which allowed me to move on to the second round. I’m proud to say I wrote my very first thriller in the 48 hours allotted, coming in just under the 2000 word limit at 1997 words. Results for this heat will be announced on May 09th, but regardless of the outcome, I’m thrilled to have put words down on the page, words I would not have otherwise written. This is always a good thing.

Looking forward to all the wondrous things April will send my way, but sincerely hoping it doesn’t include more rain.

Gratefully yours,





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