February 27, 2018

Today I want to express my undying, literally undying, gratitude to Kent, the sweet, gentle man who drove me home from my appointment at City Tire two days ago.

I had just come from the vets, having taken my grand-rat Quark for a visit to check out a lump on her tummy. Because I didn’t have time to take her back home before I headed to my appointment, I took her with me in a large box that once housed our new coffee pot.

When I arrived for my appointment Paul, the owner, said Kent would take me home. I carried Quark back to my vehicle. Kent asked if I wanted to drive, but because I had my hands full of rat, I declined, teasing him by asking if he’d ever driven a rat home before.

He laughed and said no, he hadn’t.

We headed down Broadway towards the Mary Hill Bypass, chatting freely. At the intersection of Broadway and Mary Hill, Kent pulled into the merge lane. At the exact moment he did so, a police car driving north on the bypass, flipped on their siren and did a u-turn. That’s when we noticed the jeep, barrelling down the bypass, on the WRONG SIDE of the road, travelling easily 120 km an hour. It headed directly towards us in the merge lane, the police car following.

Stunned, I couldn’t even force out a squeak, although Quark may have. But Kent, my forever hero, reacted with lightening fast reflexes and managed to yank the wheel to the right, avoiding a head on collision by mere inches.

Shaken, we continued on, encountering several more police cars flying down the road, and a car that had obviously been hit by the jeep, bumper in pieces in the centre of the road.

Quark and I arrived home a bit rattled (lol, pun intended) but safe, and thanked Kent profusely. I told him he saved three lives this morning, mine, his, and the rat’s.

Today, when  I returned to pick up my car, which was restored smoothly to working order by the fantastic mechanics at City Tire, Paul told me that police chase had ended right outside his shop, when two police cars had broadsided the jeep. Another car was hit in the process.


So, if you’re looking for cheap reliable car repair, and perhaps someone to save your life, look no farther that City Tire in Port Coquitlam. For service above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you for hiring such amazing people. Paul.

Address: 1772 Broadway St, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M8
Phone: (604) 464-5811
Province: British Columbia






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