February 08, 2018

Today was an amazing day. Not simply because I  left Raincouver and am now basking in the sunshine and warmth of Miami, but because today I had the honour and extreme pleasure of meeting one of my online writing partners in person. Susan Weidenbaum Goldstein is a gifted writer, funny, smart, and hysterical.

She drove over two hours each way to meet me at my hotel in South Beach. (In her beautiful Charger that I had to take a picture of for my husband.) I knew her from pictures, so I had no problem spotting her in the hotel lobby, but strangely, it wasn’t like meeting a stranger for the first time, it was like greeting a childhood friend. There wasn’t a single moment of discomfort, at least not on my part, and our connection was immediate. We walked and talked for hours, like those childhood friends who haven’t seen each other in ages.

It was an amazing experience and I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity. One that even fifteen years ago would never have been possible.

Technology, and my writing, have made the world such a small place. Now, I need to find away to get to get to Michigan to meet Michelle Riddell,  Oregon, to meet Devon Balwit, Arizona, to meet Megan Merchant, Ohio, to meet Ann Klotz and Jude Walsh, Pennsylvania to meet Sarah Weissman, and wherever Julianne Palumbo is, (the amazing woman who brought us all together.

Or, we could organize a MOTHERS ALWAYS WRITE retreat somewhere in the middle of the continent. Right guys?

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