February 06, 2018

Today my husband and I leave on vacation with 12 of our neighbours. Many of us have been holidaying together for over fifteen years, although these days we leave our children behind.

In the beginning we went camping because that’s all we could afford. We would pack up a week’s worth of food, and toys, and a whole lot of “stuff” because, well, you know—children, and head off to a lakeside campground about a five-hour drive away. We’d pitch tents, roast hot dogs, play volleyball, swim, and have an amazing time with our kids. Many memories were made that I know will last a life time.

But camping with children is hard work, for the parents at least, so now that our children are grown, it’s our turn for some fun.

Sorry kids, your time will come.

We’re heading to Miami for three days of exploring, and on Saturday we will board Celebrity Cruise lines, Equinox for a week long feast of sun, friends, and food. There’s also a significant chance more than a little wine will be consumed as well.

I am so grateful that in a world where so many people don’t even know their neighbour’s names, we live in a community where all our neighbours on a first name basis. We have raised our children together, watching them grow up into fine young adults. We’ve braved the loss of parents and pets, and even spouses. Together we have rejoiced in each others successes and grieved our losses.

We enjoy each others company so much, we now choose to spend our precious holiday time together.

We may not be related, but over the years, through our shared experiences, we have become as close as family.

And how darned amazing is that?



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