February 05, 2018

Despite my best intentions to write this blog daily, life sometimes has other plans for me, and so I’ve missed a couple of days. But I’m going to try to forgive myself for that. At age 59, I figure it’s time I learned how.

This #tryalittletenderness endeavour is about being grateful, but it’s also about the ability to forgive. To forgive our friends when they do something that hurts us, whether intentional or not. To forgive our spouses when, after twenty nine years of marriage, they don’t act like characters from a romance novel. To forgive our poor beleaguered parents, for, well,  any and everything imaginable, because don’t we all think our present problems are a direct result of a childhood that wasn’t as perfect as we imagined it should be?

All will require our forgiveness at some point or another in our lives.

But, the person who needs forgiveness the most often, and the one who seldom receives it, is ourself.

Why are we so dang hard on ourselves?

It’s so easy to overlook flaws in others, to make allowances for their mistakes, but seems impossible to cut ourselves that same slack. Or at least in my case it is.

Well, my goal, before I hit the big 60, is to learn how to do just that.

In order to forgive all my flaws, all of which scream so loudly at me on a daily basis, I’ve had to make some changes.

I’m learning how to meditate, to be in the moment and be grateful for all the bounty in my life. I’m learning to listen to my body when it speaks, to give it the nutrition, exercise, and rest it’s asking for. I am learning how to say no to demands that are overwhelming me, but I am also learning how to say yes to possibilities.

I’m sad that it has taken me 59 year to reach this point, but also so grateful to be in a place where it’s finally possible for me to try.


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