January 30, 2018

I must apologize for being behind on my posts. I’d hoped to post something everyday. But, as much as that might be a bad thing, it’s also an awesome one. Because it means something else has been demanding my attention.

After putting my second manuscript aside while I worked on several new projects, it has decided to call to me again.

And this is so dang exciting.

I pulled my story from submission this fall, knowing that it required major revisions.  But for so long, I just couldn’t bring myself to tackle these. I wasn’t sure how to  approach these required changes, so I pushed it to the back burner.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a bit of an epiphany, and I now know just what I need to do.

I’ve been so obsessed with getting these changes down on the page, my other projects have fallen by the wayside.

I signed up for the New York City Short Story contest, which began this Friday, and ends on Saturday. I had 8 days to come up with a 2500 word short story that features my assigned prompts: a fairytale, a coal miner, and a pay cut.

I haven’t written a word.

Instead of focusing my attention on this new project, I’ve been working on my YA story.

And you know what? I’m so blinking grateful.  How amazing to feel my muse at work again, inspiring me to fix this story; the story of my heart, and one I’m 100 percent committed to perfecting.

And, besides, I’ve still got four days left until that short story is due.

Lots of time, right?


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