January 27, 2018

This is a little long, but in this world filled with doom and gloom, I figured it’s nice to read about something positive for a a change.

I’d like to give a shout to the most impressive staff at what is now my new favourite store, SIMONS.

The company has it’s origins in a dry goods store opened by Mr. John Simons, in 1840, in Old Quebec. The store imported products from England and Scotland. The business was a success because of the wide variety of products they offered their clientele, and their tireless dedication to outstanding customer service.

It’s nice to see things haven’t changed.

The store provides its customers with a variety of unique items not typically available in other stores. All of excellent quality, although prices are not cheap. After all, you get what you pay for, but their sales are fantastic.

After years of conservative blues, greys and whites, I few years back I decided to expand my husband’s wardrobe by giving him a interesting shirt for Christmas. He wasn’t particularly keen on that shirt, a burgundy button up with small white polka dots, but after a few compliments at work, he decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

This year his Christmas wish list included another interesting shirt. (I win.)

Because I knew Simons had great selection of shirts that branched outside the conservative realm, I convinced a few friends to go on a field trip with me.

I found the perfect shirt, but was somewhat confused by the sizing. My husband had requested a medium with a 15.5 inch neck. The only size I could find on the shirt was the neck size. A sales associate assure me that was all I needed. So I bought it.

Long story short, the neck fit, the rest of the shirt did not. But unfortunately, because I’d never before run amiss in the size of something I’d purchased for Tim, I didn’t keep the receipt

My friends told me not to worry, because I had a Simon’s loyalty card, they could just look up my number and find the receipt.

Today we headed back to Park Royal, to return the shirt, and hopefully find a bigger size.

Problem. They could not locate the purchase on the card. “Did you use your card?” they asked. “No, I gave them my phone number,” (an acceptable alternative.)

“Sorry, I can’t find it.”

My friend who was with me at the time, said, “I know you gave them your number.”

“Well, it’s not here,” the clerk stated. “And this shirt is now on sale for $9.99. (I paid over $50.00 for it.)

Disappointed, I told them I would just keep the shirt and give it to someone slimmer than my husband. (Or put him on a diet, lol.) I assumed this would be the end of their efforts.

Instead, this young woman said, “Just a sec, I’ll go get my manager.” Another young woman appeared, (a high schooler, I swear!) and said, “Give me a moment.” Then she asked, “Do you remember what day you were here?” I didn’t, but said perhaps my friend here did.

My friend didn’t remember, but the manager asked her, “Did you buy anything that day?” And when my friend said, yes, she looked up her card and found the date. Then she went back to the computer, and searched through all the purchases in that department that were made on that date. Incredible. And she found my purchase. And she refunded ALL of my money.

This process took over twenty minutes, of both the clerk’s time, and the manager’s. And they both smiled the entire time.

Now that, my friend, is what customer service is all about.

If you’re lucky enough to have a SIMON’s store in your city, do yourself a favour and go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m so grateful for this company and their over 100 years of exemplary customer service.






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