January 26, 2018

Today my mom received some sad news. A good friend of hers passed away, very suddenly.

This woman was physiologically younger and more vivacious than most people my age, despite being about to turn 90. She wore skinny jeans, gorgeous boots, and funky sweaters. Her silver hair was styled in a asymmetrical bob, she had a fabulous sense of humour, and she regularly drove her SUV to Squamish from her home in North Vancouver, to babysit her grandkids.

Her death was sudden, so unexpected, but, as I told my mom, this was the way she would’ve wanted to go. Boom. No fuss, no dwindling health, no suffering, either on her part, or her family’s.

When I think of how my father slowly disappeared into his illness, becoming less and less the man he’d been on a daily basis, I can’t help but think, “Yep. This is how I want to go.” Preferably in bed, reading a good book, or at my computer, writing a good book.

So as much as I am sad for my mom, and for Vi’s family, I’m so grateful that Vi was able to make her exit in such a timely fashion. I know she’s up there, organizing everything, and planning lunches for all her friends and her husband.

Be at peace, Vi. We will miss you.


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