January 22, 2018

Today I like to say a huge thank to the extremely resourceful individual, or individuals, who came up with the idea for … wait for it…HOTSHOTS!

Last November I had my first two gigs as a background extra, for the TV show COLONY. Over 600 people were hired as extras on my first day, and over 300 for my second. Most of us were to be refugees in a makeshift tent village beneath the Burrard Street Bridge. I arrived at 5 am, headed to hair and makeup where coconut oil was smeared in my hair, and black and brown makeup was painted on my face and hands, and under my nails. Quite glamorous. lol

As is typical for Vancouver in November, the day was cold, wet, and very windy. The days were long, twelve hours on the first, and fourteen on the second. And many hours waiting on set, standing in mud and puddles.

When staff wandered through the crowd handing out HOTSHOTS, I was more than happy to take two. One for each pocket. Life savers, let me tell you.

Today, I headed to set prepared. I purchased a box of HOTSHOTS at Costco. This morning, I packed 14 sets of of these wonderful little treasures in my trusty backpack, although as a passerby at a crash scene downtown, I didn’t anticipate really needing them.

However, as they often do, plans changed. Instead of being located in a nice warm building, our holding once more became a cold, draughty tent. And unfortunately, because several scenes were shooting today, the crew didn’t manage to set up electricity for us. Which mean, no heat, not lights, and more importantly, NO COFFEE! Or tea.

The day was sunny, thank goodness, but the wind cold, biting at exposed parts with nasty, sharp teeth.

Thank goodness for my little stash. I put one in each pocket, in each glove, two in my bra, and one at the waist band of my trousers. And, I gave out a few more to several other poor freezing individuals who gazed enviously at me as I opened package after package.

Yep. I am truly grateful to you, dear HOTSHOT inventor. You will forever be in my good graces.

2 thoughts on “#tryalittletenderness

  1. I love Hot Shots! I use them downhill skiing, cross country skiing, golfing in cooler weather, hiking – any time I need to warm up my hands. They’re brilliant 🙂


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