Today I’d like to give a shout out to the folks at IKEA.

I needed another bookcase, well, because, you know. Books. So I headed out to Ikea to find myself a nice tall, utilitarian bookcase to house my addiction.

I made my way upstairs in the Coquitlam store, where I wandered through countless sections until I found the bookcases, located the model I wanted, took a picture of the item number, then wondered how the hell to find my way to the self-serve section. After making my way through bedding, housewares, and numerous other sections, I finally noticed the arrows on the floor. Funny. I’ve been in IKEA so many times, but I’ve never noticed these projected images floating on the floor. Freaking brilliant. You just follow these arrow and they lead you right out of the store.

Thank you IKEA marketers who dreamed up such a simple solution for navigating a giant store of convoluted passageways.

But, have you ever wondered what would happen if some testy Scandinavian decided to mess with the poor unsuspecting pubic, and instead of guiding us on the correct path, the arrows sent us off in all the wrong directions?

I’d probably still be wandering the aisles.

I’m so grateful to you, Ikea, for taking pity on us directionally challenged individuals and gracing us with these lovely arrows.

But, before you let that complement go to your head, dear IKEA, I’d like to register my complaint on your packaging designs. The last time I bought one of these bookcases, the box was about two and a half feet wide, and three inches thick. Heavy, but manageable. Now the same bookcase is stuffed into a tiny box five inches by five inches, and it is freaking HEAVY.

For the first time in my life, I needed help to load something into my car.

And it’s still in my car.

Hopefully I can coerce one of my daughters, or daughter’s boyfriends to help me unload it.

Because, you know, my books are waiting.

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