January 19, 2018

Today my sweet pup Pepper had a visit to the doggy spa. She came home clean and shiny, and smelling wonderful. I love how she’s always so cuddly after she’s spent the day away from me.

My husband is away for the weekend, and Pepper and I have spent the evening cuddled together under a plush blanket. Heaven.

This little dog came into our lives four years ago, after our beloved Maddie died of cancer. At first, still reeling with the shock of losing Maddie, we weren’t entirely sure we’d made the right choice. Pepper was just a little bit insane. Very hyper, growly, and a little over zealous in the biting department. We’ve since realized the growly voice is just her “play” voice, and the biting was a symptom of teething. And she’s smart. She had a complete repertoire of tricks by the time she was six months old, one easiest dog’s I’ve ever trained.

She is by far the most enthusiastic and loving dog I’ve even had to pleasure to know. Whether I’ve been away for a minute, or a month, her welcome is always over the top. It’s nice to feel so loved.

There is absolutely nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. I’m sad for you if you’ve never experienced this. It’s truly a blessing.

I’m so grateful for my small black fiend. Life wouldn’t be the same without her.

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