January 13, 2018

A while back my sister snagged an old black Underwood typewriter from the school we both attended. Apparently they were just throwing them out. I discovered it in her basement on a trip back to my hometown this past June. I was awestruck by it’s beauty, but I couldn’t believe that she’d not even considered getting one for me, her sister the author. I did the appropriate amount of pouting, only fitting for a younger sister, and expressed my extreme jealously over the fact she had such a thing of beauty and I did not.

Guess who’s big sister came through in the end? Yep, Lynn found me a similar typewriter, this one grey, instead of black during one of her antiquing trips, and gave it to me for my birthday.

The thing weights as much as a baby elephant, but oh my, it’s so pretty.

I’ve just finished cleaning and polishing it, and it now rests in a place of honour in my brand new writing nest. I’m so grateful to my big sis for this amazing gift, and that it gets to share my space with me.


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