January 11, 2018

A day late again, sorry for that, but will post twice today to make up for it.

In keeping with my theme of moments, today I’d like to share another that fills me with breathtaking gratitude.

Last November, I decided to try something new. Having been off work for over a year, thanks to a failed wrist surgery, I wanted to do something to bring in a little extra income. A writer I knew, Denise Jaden, mentioned  during a talk she gave that she’d been doing background extra work for a while. It was an easy gig that involved a lot of sitting around and waiting, which gave her time to write.

I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I should give that a try.” So I filled out an online profile with BFC casting. The next week I got a call for background extras to be moderately beaten down refugees for the show COLONY.

It was an interesting experience. Long, cold days, but basically I got paid for sitting around and chatting to a succession of very interesting people, and then eating. Story fodder at its best.

I found out that this company hires people a fair bit at the beginning, and then not as much later on. And they unfortunately didn’t supply extra’s for the one show I REALLY wanted to be part of, SUPERNATURAL. During my time on set I met a few actors who recommended I get an agent, and they encouraged me to apply to PICOBELLO. The two young men who founded the agency were passionate and excited about their company, and great to work for.

So I sent them an email, and to my delight, they were happy to have me. I discovered that I was allowed to work with both agencies at the same time. So pretty much every show and movie that was filming in Vancouver was available to me. But, really, my heart was set on one show in particular, although I realized the odds of me getting that were pretty slim.

December is a very slow much in the movie industry, and apparently, so is January. They said not to expect a call until February. So I bided my time, hoping to get a call, but truthfully not expecting much.

Then, yesterday, I got a text offering me two days word as an upscale hotel guest, (beats the heck out of being a refugee living in a tent village under the Burrard Street Bridge, lol) for… SUPERNATURAL!  My first gig with my new agency, and I landed a spot on my dream show.

Yep. This was indeed a moment to be grateful for.

It’s not until next week, but I’ll be sure to touch base and let you all know how it goes. And I promise not to fangirl too badly.


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