January 10, 2018

Unfortunately I was not able to find a picture to accompany my post today, but I’ll keep trying to find something and update later.

Today I want to write about another moment, a strange coincidence. Yesterday I was chatting to my mom, over a cup of coffee, about the amazing people I’ve met through my writing journey. The conversation drifted to Twitter, which my dear mom doesn’t quite understand. That’s okay Mom, I’m not sure I do either. lol From there it moved on to Twitter contests and how useful they are for writers, then on to Pitch Wars, and from there to a class I took that I found on the wonderful Brenda Drake’s website. The class cost the measly sum of $50, and for that amount, myself and three other writers got feedback on our pitches, our queries, our synopsis, and our first chapter, from both instructors. Incredible, right? Well, the folks in the class were great, I keep in touch with one lovely woman who has since moved on to snag an agent. Yay, Sheryl!

The instructors where fantastic and I really clicked with both. So much so that after I sent off my first chapter, Colleen, the main instructor suggested I get the other instructor to take a look as well. Sarah Adair gave suggestions, then asked if I’d be willing to send my first 50 pages so she could give better feedback. Amazing offer, so of course I did. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first fifty pages of her WIP and returned the favour by sharing my insights. So great. 🙂

During a discussion online about different YA books, Colleen mentioned a book, THE WEIGHT OF ZERO that sounded wonderful. When I mentioned that my daughter would ejoy the book, Colleen responded by saying, “I have an copy of this, I can send it to you if you like.” And she did, all the way from Alaska, along with a package of goodies featuring her own book, EERIE. So much kindness.

Then, Colleen asked if any of us were going to submit our work to Pitch Wars, and if so, to let her know if we wanted to submit to her, (she was a mentor this year) and she would let us know if this was something she’d be interested in.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to submit anything but at the last minute I decided to give it at try. Unfortunately none of the mentors I submitted to requested pages. But hey, it was a learning experience, right?

Then several weeks afterwards, two of the mentors who were working together sent me a lovely email and gave feedback on my query.

Shortly after this, Colleen messaged me on twitter and told me my MS was in her 1st place spot more than once, but ultimately was bumped out by a MS so compelling she couldn’t say no. Now, she may have just been kind by saying that, but I so appreciated her comments. I thanked her, then shortly after she messaged me back and asked me to send my query and entire MS to her. She said she would read it and give me feedback on where it needed work.

Why? I’m not sure, except that she is an extremely generous person, as is almost every single author I’ve encountered in the past several years.  I am so grateful to be part of this amazing community.

That was many months ago and I’d given up hoping for a response. Colleen is an author herself, and an associate agent at Inklings. I can only imagine how busy she must be. So imagine my surprise, when this morning, the day after I had just told my mom about her, I had an email back from Colleen, telling me she still had my manuscript and wanted to know if it was still available, or whether it had been scooped up by another agent.

Whoa, what an uncanny coincidence.

Thank you Colleen, for all your support and interest in my work. How blessed am I?

Colleen writes under the name C. M. McCoy. Check out her book, EEIRE, available on Amazon. Here is a trailer for the book. Colleen is an Irish dancer. My daughter was a competitive Irish dancer for ten years, so this trailer pulled me right in.

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