January 9, 2018.

Last week was all about the incredible people in my life. I’ll go back to that later, but this week is all about the moments. Those treasured seconds, minutes, and if you’re lucky, hours that pass by, so fleeting that if you don’t catch your breathe and pause, you might miss them.

Tonight my youngest daughter talked me into going to a movie, and then we both talked my mom into joining us. At eighty-six and 11/12’ths, she finds going out at night to be a challenge. But with a bit of encouragement, join us she did.

You need to understand that in the last fifteen years, there has probably only been one movie my mom hasn’t dozed off in for at least a few minutes, (Avatar, in case you were wondering.) Well, tonight she stayed awake for the entire movie. We are now going to rate movies on a new scale based on whether or not Gram stays awake.

This movie, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, was a winner. Not only did Mom stay awake for the entire show, she loved it. That’s high praise in my books.

We had a great time, just the three of us, enjoying a our time together. The music, the choreography, the sets, the colours, the story. All superb. A true blessing to be able to have three generations together, all enjoying the same experience, and I’m so grateful to have shared this time with my mom and my baby girl.

Enjoy those moments folks, you never know when they might disappear on you.


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