January 08, 2018

I’m posting twice today, because I forgot to post my piece yesterday. Two for one deal. 🙂

This week has been all about the people in my life I’m grateful for. So far these have been my writer compatriots, but today I want to single out some of the most important people in my life. My family.

This may be a little long, sorry.

I am grateful for twenty-nine years of love and support from my husband Tim, and for his ability to thump on the floor of our bedroom at 3:00am when he notices I’m still not in bed. Because I’m still up writing. That thud above my head pulls me from my word trance and sends me upstairs for much needed sleep. This has happened on far too many occasions over the past three and a half years. So thank you sweetheart, for putting up with my obsession, and finally understanding just how deep an obsession it is.

Thank you my love, for your commitment to your family, your hard work and level head that keeps us all on track.

I am grateful for the gift of my two girls, Sarah Elise, and Jessica Rae. Two shining stars who light up my world every single day.

My oldest, Sarah, a tall, muscular blonde, beautiful and brilliant. One of her teachers in high school called her the ultimate renaissance woman, artistic, athletic and intelligent. He was right. She’s a PhD candidate in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, specializing in oncogenetics, a new up an coming field of cancer research. This is where we need to be spending our research money, folks. The wave of the future: personalized medicine. She is so hardworking, and just strong willed enough to be successful in this male dominated field she has chosen. It will be a pleasure to watch her succeed in any endeavour she undertakes.

Thank you my love, for being the best firstborn that ever existed.

My youngest, my sunshine girl, Jessica, is bright, and beautiful and one of the most caring and empathetic individuals I have ever known. Her insight is phenomenal for someone so young. I’ve always said she is an old soul, even from the time she was a baby. She is finishing up her psychology degree with a minor in education. She hopes to work with children with learning disabilities, and eventually get her masters in counselling. A gifted musician, artist, athlete, and storyteller, my baby girl will bring joy to the world with her gifts. I can’t wait to watch her blossom.

Thank you my sweet girl, for bringing this mom so much happiness and joy.

I’m grateful for my mother who has lived with us since Sarah was ten months old. She is an integral part of our family. Mom will be eighty-seven years old this February. My longest living relative in a family where no one, except Mom and my Uncle Jim, has ever reached their ninth decade before. Mom has had a hard life, working long days and nights as an OR nurse, while at the same time raising two girls, and working on our family farm. I remember thinking as a child that no one was as strong as my mom, possibly not even my dad. When we lost him sixteen years ago this January, it was hard, but hardest on her. He was her one true love. But she kept going, and until this year, after she broke her wrist. she took care of us all. It’s hard for her to sit back and let others help her, but we keep trying.

Thank you Mom, for always being there for me, and for our family, I love you so much, even though I don’t tell you enough.



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