January 04 2018

I thought I would continue with the theme that seems to have emerged for this week, and tell you about another phenomenal person in my life.

I met her just over two years ago at a social event for a writing group that I joined. Her name is Margarita Escobar, a retired neonatal nurse who moved to Vancouver from Chile Australia. Imagine my surprise to find a sister in a woman from half way across the world. Sure, we may have different cultures, different families, different languages, but I’m convinced we were twins in a previous life.

The similarities in our life are almost eerie. From the personalities of our daughters—we have two each, one a science girl, and one an artistic soul, and our husbands, both engineers, both extremely organized individuals, to our taste in books, movies, and our passion for reading and writing.

The biggest difference I’ve found so far, is that she is far more compassionate, and calm, and kind than I am. But that just makes her a wonderful role model, someone for me to aspire to be more like.

I am so grateful to have her in my life


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