January 03

In keeping with the theme of the week, I am choosing another person who fills me with breathless gratitude.  Bonnie Jacoby, aka critique partner, friend, soul-mate.

We met on an online critique group sponsored by The Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators: SCBWI, in the Western Canadian group. Imagine our delighted surprise to discover we lived only minutes apart. We met  in person and since that moment have been far more than just critique partners.

First, for those of you who do not know what a critique partner is, here is a definition compliments of Cindy Thomas, YA author.

Critique partner: 

Someone who will read the same scenes from your manuscript so many times that neither of you are sure of the count;
Someone who will be completely and totally honest with their feedback, even if it sucks to hear it;
Someone who will listen to you whine about your writing and/or lack of writing;
Someone who knows the right moment to tell you to shut up when you’re complaining too much;
Someone who can’t stop thinking about your characters and calls/texts/emails you in the middle of the night with ideas and solutions for them;
Someone who never complains about your constant complaining and lack of confidence;
Someone that makes you write when you just don’t want to;
Someone that will never let you give up, no matter how much you feel like it;
Someone, that after you’ve connected, you just can’t imagine ever writing a book without.

I can add one more thing to this list. Someone you’ve been waiting your whole life to meet.

This is my Bonnie and I am grateful beyond words to have her in my life




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