January 02

Today I began a new novel, my first romance. I managed to write a 150 word blurb, and a 1000 word synopsis, and a 1900 word first chapter. Nothing spectacular, but after a month of not being able to write anything new, I’m thrilled to be able to get words down on the page thanks to the help of a very special woman.

Today I am filled with a sense of breathtaking gratitude for my dear friend, Jennifer Sommersby.. Jenn is a brilliant writer with multiple published books, including two coming out this year, an editor, and one of the most generous people I’ve met.

We met by chance, introduced by one of my patients who dragged me over to meet her, announcing, “This is Jenn. She’s a writer. I thought you guys should meet.”

This woman, who is so busy with job as an editor, the demands of her writing and a young family, took me under her wing and has been a mentor to me. She is my cheerleader, by teacher, my friend … my inspiration.

She reads my words and gives me such insightful feedback, both criticism, and compliments. She lets me bounce ideas of her and tells me honestly when she thinks they are not worth pursuing. And always, she encourages me to keep writing.

It was her idea for me to try something new to “unstick” my creative brain. suggested letting my passion projects brew, and return to them later, when I’m ready.

Thank you Jenn, from the bottom of my heart.

You can find Jenn on Facebook under Eliza Gordon and Jennifer Sommersby.

Twitter: @JennSommersby

Jenn has a new book coming out under her pen name, Eliza Gordon on January 23: DEAR DWAYNE WITH LOVE. I’ve had the pleasure of reading this delightful romantic comedy and can highly recommend it. You can read my comments on Goodreads. There is a link here on my website.

Her young adult fantasy, SLEIGHT, is coming out with Harper Collins in Canada, and Sky Pony in the US, in April. I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to read this story, that has had an incredible journey on route to publication. And the story is great. The sequel, SCHEME, is in the works.

Both books are available for preorder on Amazon.










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