2017 SCBWI Summer Conference

For the past few months I’ve been madly editing my manuscript, writing short stories when I become stuck, working on my query letter and synopsis, and writing CNF essays when I get stuck again. Not much time for my fledgling website.

But today, I decided it was time to post a little something about what has been happening in my writerly-world.

In July I had the opportunity to attend a SCBWI conference in LA with my wonderful friend and critique partner, Bonnie Jacoby. What an amazing experience to be surrounded by over a thousand fellow writers who all shared a common passion for writing for children. Truly inspirational. I met so many gifted and passionate writers, it was a tad overwhelming. I wanted to buy ALL the books but managed to limit myself to four, three of them signed by the authors. (I have since ordered more.)

Meeting two editors from two well known publishing houses, and agents from several different agencies were some of the highlights for me. What surprised me the most was how kind and approachable these women were. I think as writers, we sometimes imagine agents and editors as stern faced, unapproachable individuals who exists only to reject our work. Not so. They were lovely and encouraging, and incredibly supportive.

We headed home exhausted but so encouraged, and determined to begin the querying process.

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